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Jewelry naturally acquires some patina and signs of wear which confers to each piece a unique life that is entirely yours. The following are our professional suggestions on how to best care for your jewelry.

Pearls and stones are generally the most delicate elements so please pay them particular attention. 



We provide a thick form of plating to ensure resistance, especially for rings made of brass as it prevents your fingers from turning green. But "thicker" in jewelry still means thin and delicate so avoid any harsh polishing, soaps, perfumes, chemicals, chlorine, cosmetics and all sorts of lotions. Also, do not wear when swimming or doing physical activity. Do not use jewelry polishing products and avoid water. To clean, rub gently, but do not buff, with a soft clean cloth and store properly. The soft pouch we provide is ideal.



Brass oxidizes fairly easily which can give jewelry a wonderful patina. It is indeed one reason why we love the material. It normally darkens over time and may leave some green or dark marks on the skin (which wash off fairly easily) in reaction to humidity and personal PH levels. Avoid wearing brass while swimming, doing physical activity, and generally when it is very humid. It is also best to avoid soaps, lotions, perfumes, detergents and chemicals of all types. Our soft pouches are a great way to store your pieces but if you want to avoid a patina, an airtight container would be best. To deeply clean your pieces, Brasso® is a good option. Make sure to do so completely avoiding any attached stones and pearls.



Pearls are extremely delicate and should never be worn when swimming or doing physical activity. Never put them in contact with detergents, lotions, perfumes, cosmetics chemicals, abrasive surfaces or solutions of any kind. They can also scratch easily; store them carefully. The soft pouch we provide is a great way to do so. 



Like most metals, silver too tends to age and oxidize. It does so beautifully, acquiring a deeper color. The best way to avoid tarnish is to store silver in the soft pouch that we provide. Additionally, polish it once in a while with the included cleaning cloth or a similar cloth designed specifically for use on silver. There are also silver cleaning products that will work but never use them on any attached pearls or stones. 


Every piece of Simona Palmisano jewelry is crafted with exacting care. However, should a repair be necessary, which is not due to fault (see the Faulty Goods section in our Terms & Conditions page), we are happy to provide one free of cost for one year from the date of purchase. Should a repair be necessary after these 12 months, we will provide one at a minimal cost, dependent on the nature of the work. Any packaging, shipping, and insurance fees are responsibility of the customer, when shipping the damaged piece to us, and our responsibility when shipping the repaired piece back to the customer. 

Please contact us at Attach a photo of the damaged piece and we will promptly send you instructions on where to send it for repair.

We will try our best to make sure your jewelry will last forever.