Cycle through multiple messages


Born and raised in the eternal city of Rome, Italy, I moved to the United States, first to NYC and then Miami, with the dream of launching my own line of sculptural jewelry for an international market.
From a young age I felt compelled to travel the world pursuing true beauty.
Each of my pieces is designed, sculpted by hand and cast with the same simple intention: to give the opportunity to adorn oneself with art.
Each creation is inspired by ancient jewelry, nature and artforms of all kinds – the result of a life-long journey. Each design seeks to capture the essence of beauty expressed in the details.
The technique of sculpting in wax allows me to create by hand, leaving the precious traces of artistic creation itself, within the final piece. 
My path to expressing beauty is imprinted with the perfect imperfection of this creation, taking form in rings, bracelets, earrings, and adorning the body as a primordial gesture of desire, which has been shared by women and men around the world.
My jewelry is how I connect to the world, participating in the history of humankind through the most meaningful of ornaments.